Use the IC card

Customers can use an IC card they usually carry as-is in place of a stamp card for your store.
Your customers do not have to carry a unique stamp card for your store!

Easy to use

There is no need for special equipment; you just have to install the special app to the Android smart phone or tablet that you usually use and you can easily start using stamp cards at your store.

14 days free

It costs just 980 yen per month to use!
Not only that, but the first 14 days are a free trial period, and you can cancel any time after you apply, so you can easily start using the stamp cards!


New style of stamp card

Conventional rubber-point cards are made of paper and customers have to carry them around for each store. But this new card is totally different.
Customers can now use their existing IC cards as the store’s stamp card. So they need not carry extra cards around. It is smarter and more ecological for both the store and customer.



Compatible with diverse IC cards

The following types of IC cards are compatible for customers

  • NFC Type A
  • NFC Type F

Recommended for a wide variety of shops

It is best to use in the following shops.

  • Restaurant, Cafe, etc.
  • Este, Massage, Nail salon, etc.
  • Apparel, etc.
  • Barbar, Salon, etc.


Data is secure, managed in the cloud

Even if your smartphone or tablet is broken, it is not a problem.
All the data for the rubber-stamp card is managed in the cloud. When you get a new smartphone or tablet, you can continue to seamlessly use our service.

Install ”upstamp” now



What kind of smartphone is supported?
> NFC compatible device, and Android 2.3.3 or later.
"upstamp" application can not be found in Google Play store.
> Your smartphone could be a not supported, please verify again.
Can I use it to continue even after the change of the model?
> Once you are logged in new models, available in raw data.