Privacy policy

Infolink Ltd. (“Infolink”) is committed to the protection of personal information and has developed infrastructure for personal information security under the Personal Privacy Policy, as set forth below.

In order to keep customer personal information accurate and up-to-date, and to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration or unauthorized disclosure of personal data, Infolink takes all steps necessary to the maintenance of its security system, continual improvement of data administration and thorough education of its employees by implementing security measures and practicing the strictest personal information management.

Infolink employs only legal and fair methods to obtain personal information from customers, and does not obtain personal information by illicit means.

Personal information entrusted to Infolink by its customers is used by Infolink to send e-mail or information materials in answer to questions from customers or as news about or guides to services.

Infolink manages personal information entrusted to it by customers in an appropriate manner and only discloses said information to third parties under any one of the following circumstances:

  • When there is consent from the customer
  • When disclosure is to a trusted subcontractor in order to perform a service desired by the customer
  • When legal obligations make disclosure necessary

Infolink has instituted a complete range of security measures in order to protect the security and accuracy of personal information.

Infolink will endeavor to continually improve this policy and may revise this policy as it deems suitable and together with its commitment to comply with the laws of Japan and other standards or rules regarding the possession of personal information.